Biia lab jurgen klaric

Biia lab jurgen klaric

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María Clara es una distinguida profesora del Colegio Nueva Granada en Bogotá, Colombia y del Colegio Marymount en Barranquilla, Colombia, donde enseñó diferentes materias y desarrolló programas que proporcionan a los estudiantes las herramientas y el entorno para desarrollar todo su potencial y prepararlos para tener éxito fuera del aula. En Barranquilla fundó BAMUN, un modelo de Naciones Unidas para estudiantes de toda Colombia, que se convirtió en COLMUN, una organización nacional de Naciones Unidas que permitió a sus estudiantes seguir participando más allá de la escuela secundaria y competir a nivel internacional, como en Washington DC y Nueva York. Sus alumnos han llegado a ser miembros del Congreso, la Cámara de
María Clara es actualmente la Secretaria General de la Asociación de Naciones Unidas de Colombia, UNACOLOMBIA y es la fundadora de VISIONARIUM, un programa integral en Nueva York para estudiantes de secundaria de todo el mundo que sirve como incubadora de creatividad y liderazgo con un enfoque de impacto social, donde continúa innovando estrategias exitosas para el éxito de los estudiantes y el empoderamiento, liderazgo y desarrollo de los jóvenes.

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Do you want to learn Neuromarketing, Leadership, Innovation and other topics of interest for entrepreneurs? Take advantage of this great opportunity and participate for a scholarship to study at BiiA Lab.BiiA Lab is currently one of the most important education platforms in Latin America. With hundreds of courses focused on personal development, leadership and business training, all courses are guided by expert teachers and professionals with extensive experience in their areas of expertise.
In BiiA Lab you will find hundreds of courses and 13 Certificate Programs on topics related to entrepreneurship, marketing, neuromarketing, leadership, finance and personal development. A great opportunity to reinforce your professional training and invite all your friends to participate 🙂
Hello, my name is Andres Corral Llano, I saw the video of Nora Beltrán – How to improve work performance , I called my attention to the law of dominance, as when using the preferential mode we are even more efficient at a chemical – cerebral level.

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85% of purchasing decisions are made for emotional reasons, beyond logic, leaving us to the reptilian brain (instinctive) and leaving in the background the limbic brain (feels) and neocortex (thinks) (we explain it in this post).
Or when we are given a ring and asked to marry: behind that symbolic object there are promises of union, security, stability… There are even brides who ask «where did you buy it?», as if it had a value for them. Things are not what they are, but what they mean.
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That a group of experts and intellectuals are interested in improving the education of people does not happen every day, recently in social networks walks a movement that adds followers and followers in favor of making better human beings rooted in Empowering Being, Thinking and Doing.
Biia Lab (Business & Innovation of America) offers hybrid education, companies require talent instead of titles, people with specific skills and key attitudes, today’s education system was created two centuries ago at a different time, for a different world, with different needs, if education is not molded to current needs will continue to form people afraid to take the final step that allows them their happiness.
It is an innovative educational method created in neuropedagogical laboratories adapted to current times, using Wacom digital whiteboards, Design Thinking rooms, broadcast transmissions in real time, group exercise tables, the most advanced neuropedagogy and neuromarketing laboratories, and its own E-learning platform ( with gamification and social collaboration tools ( to motivate and involve the student to successfully complete their training.