El corte ingles en burgos

El corte ingles en burgos

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We will review the biography, trajectory and history of Dimas Gimeno in order to understand his professional career and then analyze his new and fresh proposal for the presentation of different brands…
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The fashion industry is a complex ecosystem full of diverse and converging edges, from the creation stage of a product, through the buying and selling, logistics, reverse logistics, recycling and reuse of products, in a circular economy. Without ceasing to…
The history of El Corte Inglés must begin with the name of its founder Ramón Areces Rodríguez, son of farmers, born in La Mata (Asturias) and, before embarking on creating the history of El Corte Inglés, studied and worked very hard to…

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See listEl Corte Inglés (department stores) Hipercor (hypermarket) Supercor (supermarket) Opencor (24 hours) Sfera (fashion chain) Bricor (DIY) Viajes El Corte Inglés (travel) Seguros El Corte Inglés (insurance) IECISA (IT consultancy) Telecor (telephony)
When the war ended in 1939, and in view of the need of Sederías Carretas for the site where the first building of Galerías Preciados would later be located, El Corte Inglés was moved in June 1940 to 3 Preciados Street, on the corner of Tetuán Street, where Almacenes El Águila was located. It was then constituted as a Limited Company, with a capital of one million pesetas subscribed in equal parts by César Rodríguez, who became the first president of El Corte Inglés S.L., and Ramón Areces, the latter contributing his share of the capital by means of a loan provided by the former. Subsequently, in successive capital increases, it was César who took the majority of the shares, even though Ramón was in charge of the commercial strategy and the day-to-day running of the business.