Quien es el dueño de vozpopuli

Quien es el dueño de vozpopuli

Iberdrola vozpópuli

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Vozpópuli almeida

Then it was Gonzalo Caselles, director of payment methods at ING Direct, who highlighted payment as a vital part of the shopping experience, highlighting new forms of payment such as hidden payment, a market trend that companies such as Cabify are already applying, and that Amazon will integrate in supermarkets that impacted the sector after the viralization of its promotional video. We no longer have the need to take cash or credit cards out of our wallet, but enjoy a service that will then be automatically charged to our account. This requires a society that is aware of this because, as Gonzalo said, «consumer behavior is the engine of change».
On the other hand, Francisco Ramírez, general manager of B2B at L&G, emphasized the value of communication to highlight the most important messages that a brand wants to transmit: «you have to communicate well, and if you don’t communicate, you are nobody». He also pointed out the need to generate content, since technology without content is useless.


On Thursday, the front pages, big headlines and opinion pages divide their space between those of enlargement and those of the Dialogue Table; the role-playing of some after confessing to being the ‘victim’ of a homophobic attack that was not such; the approval of IFM’s takeover bid for Naturgy; Naturgy’s blow on the table by lowering the price of electricity. And in the international press, three dehington developments: Biden prepares to convene a world summit on vaccines and their distribution; the Department of Energy announces more ambitious plans for 45% of the energy produced in the US to be solar by 2050; and the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, warns that the level of debt and the slowdown of the economy due to the pandemic could lead to a default in October if extraordinary measures are not taken.
The most profitable versions.

Telefónica cybersecurity

The front pages, headlines and opinion pages on Wednesday highlight the blockage in the CGPJ, the clashes of the Godecirle its anti