Mi hucha la caixa opiniones


Mi hucha la caixa opiniones

La caixa savings account

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Santander savings account

My Piggy Bank of La Caixa is a form of deposit that allows you to save money gradually depending on the goals set and the destination of those savings. In this guide we explain how to open it, the advantages and the opinions of users who already use it.
Before opening ‘My Piggy Bank’ of La Caixa it is advisable to determine the purpose for which you want to save (buy a house, renovate the kitchen or take a trip to New York are some of the examples proposed by the entity) and the cost of it. Once you have decided, these are the steps to follow:
It is about setting a goal to save, it does not create a subaccount or new account, you simply put the amount you want to reach. You can schedule periodic movements or add money whenever you want. When it comes to withdrawing, it is instantaneous and without commission. At the moment it works great for me, but yes, it has a 0 profitability.
La Caixa does not specify how to cancel Mi Hucha. In these cases the best thing to do is to call the customer service number: 900 404 090. In any case, the entity says that it will not charge you commissions if you contribute some money for 24 uninterrupted months, maybe that is the stipulated term.

La caixa online

It is not a “piggy bank account” without expenses or commissions as they make you believe, it is a current account where the income “in theory” they tell you that they are bonuses, are incomes that come from a consumer credit of credit cards activated in this current account and that in my case was 600€ and that as it ran out was self-limited 600€ more until reaching 3200€.
I use it and recommend it. You can set it up to deposit each month what you decide, or do it manually. To withdraw it is just as easy. It does not go to any associated account. It’s kind of like a “virtual account”.
I don’t understand how you could say that from an open line you can’t withdraw money from the piggy bank. If you have no idea how to use new technologies, don’t do it. But don’t lie out of sheer ignorance. It is withdrawn as easily as it is deposited.
My experience with the Caixabank piggy bank is positive. I am saving to buy my future home and it serves me to set aside the money that I will allocate. I have withdrawn and deposited money on several occasions and very well. For the moment I recommend this virtual piggy bank, no problem…

Depósitos de caixabank

Como la mayoría de los comentarios aquí. Estábamos con Barclays que fue absorbido por Caixa. Llevo desde principios de 2020 intentando cerrar nuestra cuenta/ sacar el dinero pero, debido a un cambio en mi número de teléfono móvil, no he podido acceder a mi cuenta online sin cambiarlo. Me dijeron que la única manera era llamar a la sucursal, lo que no he podido hacer en los últimos 18 meses estando en el Reino Unido. Además, nuestras tarjetas de débito han caducado y también hay que llamar a la sucursal para recogerlas. ¡Qué anticuado es eso! Mientras tanto nos cobran las tarjetas y los “servicios” bancarios y hemos visto desaparecer nuestros últimos 220 euros. Es un robo a plena luz del día. Denunciaré el robo cuando lleguemos a España en 2022.
Un banco completamente indigno de confianza. Debido a que nunca cancelaron una tarjeta de débito dañada en el sistema después de haberme dado un reemplazo para ella, la tarjeta se utilizó para robar 800 euros de mi cuenta, cuando me enteré y lo reporté a primera acordaron darme la mitad del dinero robado que hicieron luego 4 semanas más tarde sin ninguna notificación o advertencia tomaron el dinero de nuevo a según el Banco era la compañía de la tarjeta, nada que ver con ellos, los bancos tienen un deber de cuidado a sus clientes, pero obviamente no en mi caso, envió una carta a las quejas del cliente que nunca respondió