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This is just a sample of the real estate empire that the daughter of Amancio Ortega has, since she has other companies abroad (mainly in the United States) that are responsible for managing the properties she owns around the world and that, in turn, generate income and profits that would considerably increase the coffers of the Galician.
The revenues of the company Viveros in 2018 did not exceed 400,000 euros and, on top of that, it obtained losses of more than 90,000 euros. However, it is not a worrying situation considering who is the administrator of the company (with such a large fortune that could sustain these losses for decades) and taking into account that she has a wealth of more than 730,000 euros.
Of the little that is known about her, since she is very reserved with her private life, is that she likes to take long walks on the beach of Bastiagueiro (despite the bad weather), the cinema and meetings with her friends and her husband’s relatives.
Pablo works at Inditex, while Sandra is dedicated to the Paidaei Foundation, founded by her mother, which is in charge of developing projects in favor of disability, entrepreneurship and territorial development.

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These requests come after the company Inditex, owned by the Ortega family, has assured that it will preserve all jobs in the situation generated by the coronavirus, while it is making available to the Government all the capacity of its logistics, supply and commercial management network, especially from China, to meet the emergency needs, both of medical and textile materials, which are needed at this time.
In addition, it is also exploring the capacity to convert part of its textile manufacturing to the production of sanitary material, for example, protective gowns, which are pending sanitary adjustments and to confirm the availability of raw material, which could be brought from China, where Amancio Ortega has great business power, as the fifth richest man in the world.
She has always been closely linked to her mother and never worked with her father in the textile company. She is a psychologist and controls the Paideia Foundation, which her mother founded and to which she dedicates many hours. She is married to Pablo Gómez, who was an employee of Inditex, a very dear boy in the house where she started as a salesman. Together they have three children and have already given Amancio Ortega grandchildren.

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The couple had two children: Sandra and Marcos, who was born with profound cerebral palsy. Throughout her life, that experience led her to devote herself to different initiatives for the social integration of people with disabilities. In the biography written about her by Xabier R. Blanco, it is said that she was always at odds with her fortune: “She did not flaunt her yacht because she did not have one either, as she thought it was ‘almost tacky’. Her car was a Golf, but it was a convertible. Oostentation was not for her and she never forgot her origins.
When the breakup became official, Álvarez moved her stable from Arteixo to Holland, one of the leading countries in equestrianism. There he rented a four-hectare estate valued at two million euros to set up his business.Carlos Torreta: Marta’s second husband
Josefa Ortega Gaona, Pepita for those close to her, was key in the beginnings of Inditex. Named after her mother, she formed, together with her brothers Antonio and Amancio, the key team from which the textile giant was born. This is how we told it in Vanity Fair: “The three siblings were lucky enough to have the necessary profiles to make a fashion business stand out: (…) Josefa, a woman with a great capacity for work who had studied finance, was in charge of keeping the accounts”.


Leyte holds a degree in Law and a diploma in Economics from ICADE. He acted as head for Galicia and Asturias of Deutsche Bank, the private banking spin-off of Caixa Galicia, before becoming Mera and Ortega’s most trusted man. He was the head of Rosp Corunna, the company that channeled Mera’s investments, as well as general manager of all the group’s subsidiaries, director in Breixo, Ortega’s free investment company; in Soandres, his sicav; in Ferrado, the holding’s real estate company; in the pharmaceutical company PharmaMar, of which Rosp owns 5%; and in Room Mate, of Kike Sarasola, of which Rosalía Mera’s company owns 30%.
The problems began last December, when Sandra dismissed him from his positions due to a “loss of confidence” in him. Then, Amancio Ortega’s daughter requested a report to the consulting firm KPMG, who would have compiled enough evidence to accuse him and sue him for fraud.