Jardines de la fonte baixa


Garden of fonte baixa luarca

I had heard about it from many people and seen it in many blogs and articles but, as with most gardens, until you see it in person you can’t get an idea of the magic that surrounds you when you are there.
It is located in a high area to the west of town, and the views from there are magnificent. To visit it you have to make an appointment with Jose Manuel on 678865276 or 985640083 (Luarca Tourist Office). The visit lasts 3 hours and I assure you that they fly by with the explanations of Jose Manuel throughout the tour.
From the tourist office of Luarca they tell me that you can already buy tickets at the door and on the internet. In addition to Jose Manuel, there are three guides who conduct tours every day, so it is no longer necessary to book.
What did you think of the garden, had you heard of it before? I certainly found it very interesting and the plan was perfect for me. I hope you enjoyed the Garden Tour, that you can enjoy this visit in person and that you can tell me your impressions!

The fonte baxa gardens

These impressive gardens can be seen perfectly from both the Muelle Nuevo and the Capilla de la Atalaya (Lighthouse, Cemetery). It is striking to see such a concentration of green arranged in such an orderly manner flanking the beaches of Luarca.
Its extension reaches 20 hectares, which is an exaggeration of land if we take into account that the Botanical Garden of Madrid has about 8 hectares approximately. Such a concentration of land is the result of the tenacity and time invested by its owner José Rivera Larraya.
Finally, it is very interesting to highlight the unbeatable views that are obtained from the different viewpoints that the Garden of the Fonte Baixa has, highlighting above all the spectacular pyramid camouflaged among the green.

Gardens of la fonte baixa wikipedia

A few months ago I published in social networks a news item that referred to the gardens of Panrico. From what I have seen in the comments that have been made, despite being one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe, its existence is still unknown to many people.
There is also some artistic eclecticism and the natural beauty of the garden is joined by valuable collection elements.    Not in vain, José Rivera had worked as an antique dealer in a well-known auction house he owned in Madrid.
Anyway, don’t tell me that you don’t feel like taking a 5 kilometer walk through a place that resembles paradise. For those who are near or are planning to travel to the area, you should know that, although it is a private garden, you can visit it free of charge, by appointment, by calling 98 547 08 61.

Luarca asturias

Asturias y más reproducidas en las postales)Pues bien, al otro lado del puerto, por así decirlo, en la otra montaña o barrio alto de Luarca se encuentran los llamados Jardines de Panrico.Estos extraordinarios jardines, de más de 20 hectáreas, cuentan con todo tipo de árboles y plantas de jardín.Aunque la propiedad privada de su visita es posible mediante solicitudLos jardines de Panrico se pueden visitar todos los días del año incluso reservar antes llamando al 985470861 necesario.Jardines de Fonte Jardines de la Baixa o PanricoCuando se visitan las plantas, los colores varían mucho con las estaciones.El resultado es evidente. Más de 500 variedades de plantas de todo el mundo que viven en un conjunto edénico. Más