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The house of maria teresa campos – house tour-

With a most fruitful professional career, Mª Teresa Campos has invested almost everything she has earned in houses. Of her great real estate patrimony, today she has two houses left… and one of them she is unable to sell.
Distributed between Madrid and Malaga, her homeland, Maria Teresa has come to own up to four homes at a time, two in the northwest of Madrid (in the towns of Aravaca and Las Rozas), and two in the Andalusian city.
That is why it was not a good taste for her to be forced to put it up for sale to clean up her accounts. It was in 2017, and the house went on the market for 4.5 million euros. In 2019 she was about to close the sale, but the buyer backed out at a very advanced point of the negotiation. So much so, that even Teresa had already put some of her furniture on auction…
In early 2020 she lowered the price, leaving it at 3.1 million. «From there I do not go down, I sell just enough» said then Mª Teresa …. Let’s hope that if Kiko is really interested in getting that house, the negotiation will come to fruition!

Terelu campos in ¡hola!: ‘i haven’t felt a lot of pain

The house that Maria Teresa Campos owns in the urbanization of Molino de la Hoz, in the mountains of Madrid, has given her many joys for decades but, for some time now, only brings her headaches. The presenter put it up for sale some time ago with a starting price of 4 million euros, an undoubtedly very high figure that she has been forced to lower.
During the call that Maria Teresa Campos made to Kiko Hernandez live, there was a piece of information that could be most revealing. The veteran journalist told her interlocutor «We have to open the new house». Kiko, who presumably already knew the news of the sale of the house of Maria Teresa Campos, replied, «Can we say it now? Do we have the exclusive?». «No, I don’t want to jinx it,» Campos finished off.

Where teresa campos lives

The main living room María Teresa Campos’ house has four living rooms. This seems to be the main one, with classic furniture, a spectacular ceiling lamp, wooden floor and a large carpet. This area contrasts a bit with the rest of the house, not so ornate, as you can see below.
The dining room This room resembles the main living room, with antique furniture and more ornate, with carpets and patterned curtains. The color of the walls gives a much warmer touch to this room, where a multitude of important dinners and celebrations have surely been held.
A large library Another of the rooms of the house of Maria Teresa Campos has a large library with lots of books. In the center there is a large mirror, which gives even more attitude to the room, presided over by a large carpet.
A more classic kitchen This is the other kitchen of the house, with a more classic touch and bolder colors. The combination of terracotta and green is too much.  We like the other one better? How about you?

Terelu campos, the daughter of maría teresa campos

Lalo Alvarez / GTRESThe real estate agency Remax, in whom the presenter had entrusted the sale of her house, has already removed the images of this house from its website. In February 2019 some furniture from Maria Teresa’s house was sold at a successful auction, so the images of the interior of the mansion could be a little outdated. Much of the objects that the matriarch of the Campos wanted to get rid of have been quickly bought, and some media of the heart press had detailed the objects that went to auction approaching them to potential buyers.