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Wizink is a ✅ bank that focuses primarily on the sale of Credit Cards and Savings deposits. Wizink was formerly e-Bancopopular. You can order the Wizink Clients Credit Card without opening an account and without changing bank. Payments can be made by direct debit from your usual account.
To access your Wizink customer account, go to and on the top right hand side you will find the link to your customer account where you have to enter your username and password.
If you have forgotten your password, it is easy to recover it and Wizink provides a link on its website where you can request a new password. Simply click on the link and using your username and ID, you will be sent an email to make the change.
The Wizink card before can be ordered online on its website in a simple and fast way, providing your personal data and reporting what you pay each month and if approved, they send you the plastic within a week.

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¡Nooo! No tienes que abrir una nueva cuenta corriente. El recibo mensual de las compras que hayas hecho con la tarjeta se liquida a través de la cuenta corriente que designes y que ya tengas en otra entidad bancaria. Así de fácil.
¡En WiZink siempre estamos abiertos! Puedes consultar cambios, saldos e información de interés las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana en la web o la app móvil de WiZink. Si no estás registrado, haz clic en el “Área de clientes” y sigue las instrucciones. También puedes hacer cualquier pregunta llamando al 91 787 46 46.
Disponer de una tarjeta sin preocupaciones significa poder pagar por Internet o en cualquier establecimiento con total tranquilidad. Si se utiliza de forma fraudulenta, si la pierdes o te la roban, tienes garantizada la recuperación de tu dinero siempre que hayas hecho un uso responsable de la tarjeta. Consulte las condiciones, límites y exclusiones del seguro de la tarjeta gratuita.
Puede comprar y viajar con seguridad con su tarjeta, porque si su vuelo se cancela o retrasa, si necesita visitar a un médico en el extranjero, si le roban la tarjeta y la utilizan de forma fraudulenta, si no llegan los productos pedidos por Internet, si se rompe accidentalmente lo que ha comprado, puede contar con un “Seguro gratuito de accidentes y asistencia en viaje 24 horas para usted y hasta 10 personas que viajen con usted” y un “Seguro gratuito de protección de compras”. Consulte aquí las condiciones, límites y exclusiones del seguro de la tarjeta gratuita.


New version of our App where you can update your data in the new section “Economic and employment data” within MY AREA, update it now and update your data to speed up the procedures you need.
I would give the app 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that it doesn’t allow me to download the monthly statements. It only allows me to view them on screen. I have tested it since the app exists, always on iOS, with iPhone 7 and iPhone 12 (with each of the iOS versions, which I always update when suggested).

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The new headquarters is characterized by being a building without offices, with flexible and multipurpose spaces, as is the case of the dining room, which is transformed into an auditorium. It also has numerous common areas, training rooms, changing rooms with showers, an infirmary, a doctor’s office, a breastfeeding room and gardens. An environment designed to promote the well-being of the worker.
The commitment to sustainability and technology have been two vital factors in the new headquarters. The offices are equipped with energy-efficient facilities and mobility tools and wireless connectivity in all rooms, so that working becomes what it should be, a pleasant and easy experience, in which the work environment brings out the best in a professional.