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To help you find the best tariff in such a competitive market as mobile telephony, where there are more than forty operators offering their services throughout the territory, in Xataka Móvil we have prepared a guide to choose an operator with which to clarify differences and thus find the tariff that best suits your needs.
Focusing on the comparison of combined fiber and mobile tariffs, we will start with some graphs to help us quickly locate the cheapest tariffs and their main benefits such as the possibility of accumulating gigabytes, the availability of landline phone, the purchase of cell phones in installments, or mobile coverage.
As for fiber coverage, thanks to the agreements reached between all operators, the availability of fiber is practically identical in any of the brands that offer service.
In the second part of the comparison, we will detail all the information in the graphs together with the rest of the conditions of the operators, depending on their coverage. In any case, all the prices indicated are definitive, i.e., with line maintenance and VAT included, and without promotions that may cause the cost to vary after a few months.

Vodafone spain

Whether you only need mobile line, fiber only or a combination of both, with or without television, in the following graphs you can quickly find out the price with everything included (without temporary promotions or extras that may lead to surprises in the bill when you least expect it), but you can also access the complete comparisons with all the details where to choose depending on coverage or other details.
Users interested in a prepaid card tariff, without bank accounts and without automatic charges that may cause unexpected surprises, this February 2021, will find the cheapest rates in Simyo and Digi, as detailed in the comparative chart:
Users interested in a contract mobile line, without the need to contract fiber with the same holder, this February 2021 will find the cheapest rates at Simyo, Lowi, Guuk, ION mobile, Xenet, ios, and oniti, as detailed in the comparison chart.
Some of the most outstanding promotions that you can contract this month is the 150 minutes and 3 GB tariff for 5 euros from llamaya, unlimited minutes and 8 GB accumulable for 7.95 euros from Lowi, unlimited minutes and 8 GB for 8.90 euros from MásMóvil, or unlimited data on social networks and 15 GB for everything else for 15 euros from Vodafone yu.

Ofertas de vodafone

Conseguir una banda ancha decente puede ser un dolor de cabeza en cualquier país. España no es una excepción, así que queremos facilitarte la vida como expatriado dándote toda la información que necesitas para conseguir banda ancha como extranjero viviendo en la tierra de Cervantes y Picasso.
Si no sabes cuánto tiempo vas a permanecer en nuestro país, te recomendamos que te hagas con una oferta de Internet con un contrato de un mes de duración (“Sin permanencia”). En este caso, no tendrás que pagar nada si dejas el proveedor de Internet antes de tiempo. Estas son las ofertas de banda ancha doméstica más baratas de España:
Cuando compares el precio de los paquetes de banda ancha en España, ten en cuenta que los precios anunciados a veces aparecen sin incluir el alquiler de la línea (“cuota de línea”) en el precio (que suele costar unos 19 euros por mes (16,82 libras; 20,82 dólares).
Una banda ancha de fibra de hasta 100 Mb de velocidad es más que suficiente si vas a vivir solo en un piso o tienes hasta 3 compañeros de piso. En cualquier caso, podrás conseguir banda ancha de hasta 600 Mb o 1 Gb de velocidad, aunque el precio será más elevado.

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The bet of the best Vodafone rates is in the customizable packages, so you can choose the conditions you want within their Internet and mobile offers, the Vodafone One, and you can go from 30 Mb of ADSL to 1 Gbps of fiber and 4 GB to unlimited data for your mobile.
This division allows you to configure the grid you want without loading it with content that does not interest you. Compared to its competitors, its content is much more complete than that offered by Orange TV or the most basic Fusión tariffs.
As one of the largest operators in the country, Vodafone’s technical service network is one of the ones that makes more channels available to its users. Thus, in addition to its customer service telephone number, you can contact them through the forums on its website, its social networks, the My Vodafone application or even by email (a channel that most telecoms do not use).
Source. To assess Vodafone’s coverage, it has been taken into account that the operator uses its own network. This has 4G coverage in 97.5% and, in fiber optics, is the second with the second largest reach of homes (16 million in 2020) only behind Movistar. Based on these criteria, Vodafone’s coverage is rated 9.