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The plans have the incentive of the tax advantage in the contributions; because the amounts that are contributed to pension plans reduce the taxable base and, therefore, the IRPF. In addition, as the tax scale is increasing, the higher the income level of the participant, the greater the savings.
However, in practice, more than a tax saving, we are talking about deferring the moment of tax payment, because when the plan is surrendered (at retirement, or in the event of death or disability), you will have to add that money to the taxable base as an additional income from work… and if not properly planned, it could be counterproductive to save in a pension plan.
The limited profitability of some pension plans can be explained to a large extent by their high costs, such as management and deposit fees that, on average, exceed 1.3%. If this is combined with poor management, the result is not the best.
A good pension plan will be the one whose portfolio best suits the investor’s needs and the risk he is willing to take, which also charges low fees and which, based on the regularity of its results, demonstrates good management quality.

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The plans, with their pros (tax advantage) and cons (low liquidity), can be a good savings instrument for your retirement. But for this it is essential to choose wisely, choosing the best ones and those most in line with your profile as an investor. Having this premise clear at the time of making your contributions to a plan is capital. And also with regard to the money you have already contributed to them in the past, since, as with funds, you can make transfers from one plan to another.

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There has also been an increase in assets under management in mixed pension plans. Due to low interest rates and the consequent expectations of reduced returns on fixed income, participants are choosing to allocate their savings to mixed vehicles with exposure to equity markets.  Below you can consult the ranking of 2021 pension plans for each of the existing categories:
If you want to know which is the best pension plan you can use this comparator below.  If you do not know the name of the products, try the tool that tells you which is the best pension plan for you.
They are those that invest a part of their assets in variable income and another in fixed income: a «mix» of the two previous categories. The higher the percentage in variable income, the higher the risk and, in general, the higher the potential profitability of our savings for retirement. In addition, through our simulator you can calculate the pension you will have when you retire. Within it we find:

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¿Por qué me piden información sobre mi cobertura con otros planes? Este plan coordinará las prestaciones con otros planes con los que usted tenga cobertura. Antes de poder tramitar su reclamación, debemos determinar qué plan debe pagar primero y qué plan debe pagar después. Esto se basa en las normas específicas del plan. Consulte el Resumen de la Descripción del Plan o la información detallada sobre la coordinación de las prestaciones con otros planes de salud de la industria del entretenimiento.
Mi familia y yo tenemos cobertura primaria a través de una HMO, pero no nos gusta nuestra elección de médicos. ¿Podemos utilizar sólo los médicos de este plan? Es muy importante que utilice su HMO cuando sea su plan principal.
No quiero inscribirme en Medicare porque ya tengo una gran cobertura con este Plan de Salud y no puedo pagar las primas de la Parte B de Medicare. ¿Tengo que inscribirme en las Partes A y B de Medicare? Sí, está obligado a inscribirse en las Partes A y B de Medicare cuando este plan de salud es secundario. Si no se inscribe en Medicare, las prestaciones del Plan pueden reducirse o denegarse