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Another reason why the brand is in demand is because of the constant reinvention of its fashion concept. The fashion world, in general, is in itself mutant and anything but static.
If there is one thing Pull and Bear’s collections are characterized by, it is their dynamism. Pull and Bear represents this indomitable spirit of fashion like few other brands. On its website you will always find new seasonal trends that are a breath of fresh air for all restless and avid user of new experiences.
Pull and Bear, part of the Inditex group, was born in 1991 as part of the group’s segmentation strategy. At first they focused on men’s clothing, and from the beginning the axes that marked their business development were basic quality fashion at good prices.
On their twentieth anniversary (2011) they launched their brand new online store, which soon took off to become one of the most trafficked in the sector. Their physical stores are true sanctuaries of youth fashion.

Bershka uk

And is that while winter 2019 became the season in which we wore our longest dresses with our tall boots, very tall, winter 2020 will be those loose and long sweaters are the ones chosen to give them a new rollazo to the tallest and most elegant boots in our closet. Because it is equally flattering, thanks to that space that is left in the open air between the bottom of the sweater and the edge of the boots, because no matter how is the sweater -neck up, with puffed sleeves or braided- or if you wear it with a shirt underneath or with a blazer on top, the result will always be a LOOKAZO.
Anyway, friends, winter 2020 trends (and the girls who know the most about fashion) have spoken and these 10 (discounted) sweaters from Lefties, Pull & Bear and Bershka will scream for you to combine them with your favorite tall boots.


Este minorista de ropa con sede en España comenzó a vender su emblemática ropa urbana en 1986 antes de lanzar finalmente su tienda online en 2011 debido a la demanda popular e internacional. Pull&Bear se centra en la ropa joven, informal y desenfadada, así como en accesorios distintivos que van desde estilos alternativos hasta los más conocidos. La marca se esfuerza por ofrecer creatividad y originalidad en cada prenda a un precio razonable, utilizando a menudo gráficos y temas de la cultura pop para los diseños.También hay una cantidad abundante de bolsos, sombreros, fragancias, carteras y zapatos que se encuentran en, así como ropa infantil de moda. Pull&Bear es experta en mantenerse a la vanguardia del cambiante mercado de la moda y sigue manteniendo precios asequibles para su joven mercado objetivo. Añade Pull & Bear a tu lista de favoritos y sé el primero en enterarte de las rebajas.


The sales are usually synonymous with cheap shopping, but can also reign discomfort due to the crowds of people who are concentrated in large shopping centers and stores in cities.
Having the possibility of buying online at Pull & Bear greatly expands the range of sales, as we will always ensure that the garment we want to buy is in stock and we will not risk that it is not in the physical store in the middle of all the maelstrom of shopping during this period.
Although this is just one of the tips for shopping in sales in Pull and Bear, it is very important to avoid unnecessary queues and stress and not miss along the way those items that we have longed for months through the window.
In addition to the classic winter and summer sales, in Pull and Bear begin to appear other types of discount seasons that are just between sales periods, we talk about the ‘midseason’ discounts Pull and Bear.