Hola mira que bien me va sola letra


Ni la hora (letra) – ana guerra ft juan magan

What would you say to those women who, despite being aware that their partner is unfaithful, decide not to separate and continue with her? The message of my new song I would like to serve to not allow these situations. Whether they are episodes of abuse or infidelity that you know exist but you do nothing. Second chances up to a point. I encourage everyone to pick up the suitcase and walk away when they see something like that.
What do you feel when you see that many of the phrases of Lo malo have been used by the feminist movement to claim their rights? For us it was very strong to see how on 9-M many women took to the streets with banners that read messages like: «I decide when, where and with whom» or «I am the lion who ate the butterflies». We were surprised that a genre of this kind has transcended into something like this. It is a source of pride for us. We have managed to get that message across to many generations and to many different types of people.

Luis fonsi – sola

As expected, the song has become a hit, and in just five days after the premiere of its video clip, the song has already accumulated more than five million views on YouTube, and promises to become the song of the summer.
The singer has continued with the philosophy of Lo Malo , and has distinguished herself by launching positive messages that seek to vindicate the rights and freedoms of women. The lyrics of her new song bet on those women who have just broken up a relationship and who are expected to be distressed because their partner has left their side. But nothing could be further from the truth: Ana appeals to that feminist character, to self-love and make it clear that a woman can do what she wants with all aspects of her life.
«And you thought that I would live waiting for you, that you would decide the time and day to come back. That I needed more of you, but what you don’t know about me is that now I come and go, alone I entertain myself. Forgetting you was very easy», says the triumphant singer in her new song, «Hello, look how well I do alone, nobody controls me; and even if you ask me I don’t even give you the time of day».

Ana guerra – bajito

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Not even the time

The bombardment of powerfully feminine songs was uncorked with Lo malo, by Aitana and Ana Guerra, which did not go to Eurovision but stayed to live in our bars and nightclubs. A liberating, expectorating message, in which the performers claimed their ability to decide «where, when and with whom». Many of the verses of the song became banners in the strike for equality on March 8. The outgoing Operación Triunfo girls picked up the gauntlet and continued the story: Miriam with Hay algo en mí – «soy mujer, no pertenezco a nadie»-, Ana Guerra with Ni la hora – «hola, mira qué bien me va solo»- and Mimi, now Lola Índigo, with Ya no quiero ná.
It will be difficult for this chorus to be chanted in bars and resonate in pubs, because it is not particularly catchy: «Hoy he dejado mi teléfono para no llamarte, para no llamarte (…) para así olvidarte», sings Aitana, referring to the technological addiction that is intertwined with obsessive love. Here it’s about cutting off communications, about turning away from the fascination. She is not able to hold the phone in her hands and not write to you, so she hides it somewhere.