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These factory-built houses can be found in a wide quantity and variety of options, with different materials, finishes and offering, depending on the model chosen, a greater or lesser customization. All this influences their final price, which, in any case, is usually much lower than traditional constructions, making them an excellent choice for the demand for housing.
Always using the highest quality standards, they are prefabricated houses at very interesting prices for all those who bet on this new alternative to enjoy a new modern and high performance home with a much shorter execution time than in the case of traditional housing.
The result of their creations are exclusive, personalized and avant-garde projects based on a careful structural system and providing speed of execution, product warranty and a closed budget. In prefabricated houses prices are known from the first moment.

Vitale loft

Lorenzo Vecchia es un fotógrafo de arquitectura e interiores afincado en Barcelona, especializado en interiores residenciales y comerciales: casas privadas, hoteles, resorts de lujo, restaurantes, yates, tiendas; sus encargos incluyen también fotografía de bodegones para artistas y la industria del diseño en Barcelona y en el extranjero.
FOTOGRAFÍA DE INTERIORES | El reto de fotografiar interiores comerciales es destilar los elementos de un diseño dentro de un espacio comercial en un conjunto de imágenes que cuenten la historia del espacio y trabajar con la luz para dar a la foto final una sensación de naturalidad. Esto es especialmente importante cuando se quiere promocionar un espacio exclusivo como un hotel de lujo, o un nuevo concepto de restaurante, o una tienda insignia de una marca de moda. Llevo años trabajando para empresas de arquitectura de interiores y estudios de diseño en Barcelona y otras ciudades, fotografiando espacios comerciales como hoteles, resorts, restaurantes, spas, tiendas, flagships stores. Estas fotos se utilizan para participar en concursos, marketing en redes sociales, anuncios y portafolios de sitios web. Aquí puedes encontrar algunos de mis portafolios para hoteles, restaurantes y tiendas y espacios comerciales.

Kiwi homes

02 Kiwi HomesFirm specialized in the manufacture and construction of modular homes. Although the construction method is traditional (steel and concrete), through the use of software (LEAN&BIM) they carry out virtual construction using OffSite Construction methodology, a safer and more ecological system. Kiwi Homes applies the 4×4 formula: 4 months in the building and 4 days on site, plus a few additional weeks for joints and finishing touches.
07 AlucasaAlucasa is a company from Alicante that has been manufacturing mobile homes, bungalows and prefabricated vacation homes since 1977. Within its catalog stands out the Zen Premium collection of more contemporary lines, with models such as Tibet in the image, of 35 square meters and two bedrooms.
08 Obox HousingThe Obox construction system is based on concrete modules of 6×3 m in plan dimensions, with a vaulted roof that gives it a characteristic geometry and covers all aspects of the construction process of any building that can be executed modularly. The Obox module is versatile enough to build houses or any type of construction where the repetition of spaces is important.  The module also allows the system to be scalable, being able to grow in all directions and also in height.

Prêt-a-porter houses opinions

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