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Complete program, six hours long, dedicated to the controversial Vallecas file. What ‘Crónica’ of ‘El Mundo’ could not tell, with all the details, data and investigations for you to draw your own conclusions.
In addition you will hear, in the mouth of two luxury spokespersons such as Sheila Gutiérrez and Miguel Ángel Linares, the opinion of a policeman who also intervened in the night of the car, and whose chronicle of the facts does not coincide, precisely, with that of the chief inspector José Pedro Negri.
three things. one: the.progeams like cuarto milenio who denounce manipulations and fall into them all for the sake of audience and to fill their pockets. two: the police are sometimes so simple that to know what has been smoked they need to see the cigarette butt. and three and the saddest: it is unheard of that a mother stains the memory of her daughter in this way.

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There are places where misfortunes seem to exceed the limit imposed by chance. Ochate means ‘secret door’ or ‘cold door’. And somehow, as far as we know, the area we are connecting with tonight seems to be really a door…

Expediente vallecas

No hay mucho más que decir de este tipo. Su historia se deshizo por completo en una emisión de Esta noche cruzamos el Mississippi, programa emitido en Telecinco y presentado por Pepe Navarro, en el que Tristanbraker se enfrentó cara a cara con parte de la familia Gutiérrez Lázaro (Máximo, Concepción, Querubina y Marianela). A veces parece que el ambiente se calienta y que la discusión va a más. Sin embargo, lo interesante es que la familia saca a relucir que Tristanbraker trató de engañarlos para que alquilaran un coche para transportar sus equipos y que muchos de los supuestos fenómenos extraños que demostraba eran simulados. Al parecer, Concepción incluso le pagó inocentemente algunos viajes en taxi. Además, mientras el cazafantasmas aseguraba haber limpiado la casa, la familia afirmaba que los fenómenos seguían pululando realmente. Aun así, Concepción ha asegurado en varias entrevistas que uno de estos equipos de “investigadores” sufrió en sus propias carnes los fenómenos anómalos. Vio cómo uno de los componentes fue lanzado por los aires y se estampó contra una pared de la casa, mientras que a otro se le deformó la cara y se le hincharon las venas, presumiblemente porque esa energía entró en él.

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Cuarto Milenio is a television program produced by Alma Producciones Digitales, directed and presented by journalists Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter. This program is broadcasted weekly on Cuatro channel, since November 2005. The program deals with any topic related to the world of mystery and the unknown, including conspiracy, occultism, criminology, astronomy, ufology, psychology, parapsychology, demonology, archeology, history, zoology or physics, among others.
We will focus on myths, legends and the framing of history through them. Bringing each chapter a piece of our cultural evolution. Two aspects reveal the culture of the human being, the first one the wars and the second one their beliefs.
We are most vulnerable when we go to the doctor. We trust the person on the other side of the scalpel. We trust the hospital. We trust the system. Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who exuded confidence. He said he was the best in Dallas. If your back hurt and you had tried everything else, Dr. Duntsch could operate on your back to take away the pain. But soon his patients began to experience complications and the health care system failed to protect them. The …