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“Yesterday I had a great time with my older children and my husband at the Morat concert. Their first concert and by how happy they looked, I think we will repeat the experience soon”, wrote the model including a tag with the phrase “first times”.
Isabel Pantoja’s son wanted to remind Jessica Bueno what was Francisco’s real first time and he did it with some images in his Instagram stories. In the first of them we see the DJ with headphones on hugging his son, both on stage.

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Updated July 15, 2021, 17:26 They are home! Jessica Bueno has already been discharged after giving birth to her third child, the second with Jota Peleteiro. Last July 12, the happiness of the family expanded by a thousand and Alejandro is the new weakness of his parents and siblings. The model has already left the hospital with her baby in her arms and wrapped at all times by her husband. Visibly tired, Jessica Bueno can not hide how excited she is to be aware that everything has gone wonderfully. The face is the mirror of the soul and there is no doubt that she is drooling over him. With the arrival of Alejandro they become a large family and, if that wasn’t enough, Chase (their new German Shepherd) will be in charge of watching over everyone’s safety.Jessica Bueno and Jota Peleteiro pose with Alejandro at the hospital gates.
Instagram @jessica_bueno Meanwhile, Kiko Rivera finds himself fighting a family battle that far from coming to an end, increases as the days go by. In addition, the son of Isabel Pantoja and Irene Rosales have had to clear the rumors that confirm that there could be a crisis in their marriage. They are at their best moment!

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Despite everything that may come her way, Jessica Bueno’s intention is to be by her boyfriend’s side in one way or another and she will go: “when Jota has a house and is settled. I am very excited to see my boy play in England, but I will stay here for a few days until he feels at home”.
As to whether they will miss each other now, she is clear that “Jota has had a hard time making up his mind but he couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by and he had to look to his future”, on the other hand, in England, Jessica could also take advantage to grow in her profession, so the move would open up new opportunities for her too.
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