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José Álvarez was the one who took the gastronomic “reins” of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy Awards 2019 (CLICK HERE to read the chronicle of the awards). On the most festive day that we were able to enjoy at the Playa Serena Golf Club in Roquetas del Mar, the chef José Álvarez prepared some of his most emblematic dishes such as the Cream of pickled mussels and mussels, the Iberian Gyozas, the roasted red mullet with eggplant mole, the bell pepper sashimi, the peas of Dalías or the cream of Raf (one of the star products of the house).
Another of the products that raised expectations was the Quisquilla de hueva azul, a delicious seafood that chef José Álvarez prepares with a light cooking, allowing the product to shine by itself.
A Calamar de Potera al aceite, squid that are taken out of the squid with a hook one by one, is one of the traditional and most appreciated dishes of Almeria’s cuisine. The squid has the particularity that it is a little sweet on its own…

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The business was conceived as a bar, located on the shoulder of the N-340, behind the first export business complex of the town. Rogelio Álvarez ran this bar that soon became popular due to the excellent quality of the seafood and fish served. With Rogelio at the head of La Costa, the building underwent two reforms, which served to improve the facilities and to enlarge the part destined to restaurant. Thus, La Costa, which was initially configured as a bar, with a very long bar, which welcomed mainly farmers, was becoming a reference restaurant in the municipality. Rogelio Álvarez began to mark the path that would later be followed by his son, José Álvarez, to become one of the most renowned restaurants in Andalusia. His motto was to always have the best product and the best professionals.
With the new facilities in place, work began in the kitchen and in the dining room, so that everything would work perfectly. But, undoubtedly, the greatest attraction of La Costa is in its cuisine, of great gastronomic tradition, wisely interpreted by José Álvarez, who seasoned with a modern and innovative touch fish and seafood of excellent quality, while transferring to the table with wisdom the main vegetables of the area.

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I have been there several times. We wanted to come back as we had been told that they had renovated. The food and the ambience were the same as on other occasions. What we did not like at all, and that we will think about before returning is the attention of one of the waiters. The guy told us that he was new and that we should excuse him, but we saw that the treatment we received had nothing to do with him being new. Quite impertinent and rude, making jokes in bad taste and very “funny”. In addition, he did not succeed at all with the wine pairing he offered us, the opposite of what we had asked for. We were very disappointed. If we come back, we will ask for a different waiter.

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The experience of sitting down to eat from time to time at the table of a creative and talented chef should be accessible to everyone. Often, haute cuisine is seen as prohibitive for the economic resources of most of the people around me. Even for myself, who does not have many material concerns beyond gastronomy and culture, visiting certain restaurants is an experience that requires thrift and restraint.
I also really enjoyed the Tortilla de gamba roja y mayonesa de wasabi, a simple and honest way to give prominence to one of the star ingredients of Almeria’s gastronomy, avoiding the recurrent grilled shrimp. Perfect execution of a tasty pork cheek with aioli au gratin that melted in the mouth like a candy.
The desserts could also delight any sweet tooth. That day it was Tocino de cielo with yogurt cream and Panna cotta with strawberries. Both sweet tapas were fantastic. As chocolate is one of my confessable vices, I only lacked a bit of its bitterness at the end of the meal to be able to qualify the day as perfect.