Modelo 651 junta de andalucia


Andalusia tax agency

In a period of less than 24 hours, the member will be able to work on behalf of third parties for all the tax formalities allowed by the Tax Agency of Andalusia in telematic format.
1. All social collaborators, whether they are individuals or legal entities, must have signed with their client, as it can be requested by the Tax Agency of the Junta de Andalucía at any time, the model that is attached through this link:
-> Model of granting of representation for the filing and payment of self-assessments, as well as for the filing of returns, communications or any other document with tax transcendence through the use of electronic techniques and means.
[07/07/2021] Communiqué of the Tax Agency of Andalusia on the new application form for Direct Debit for the payment of deferrals and instalments to professionals who operate on behalf of third parties through Collaboration Agreements.

Form 600 junta de andalucía

LEGAL NOTICE: The copy of form 600 will not be valid for presentation at the entities collaborating in the collection. It will be required the previous presentation of the form in the offices of the corresponding Management or Settlement Office for the generation of the payment document.
Inheritance-Declaration form for assets and interested parties in the inheritance.    Declaration form. fillable (for deceased until 24/01/2018).     Form 660. Declaration. List of assets and interested parties in the succession (for deceased as of 25/01/2018).     Form 660. Instructions for completion.     Form 660. Additional sheet of interested parties in the succession.     Form 660. Additional sheet for individual participation of taxpayers.
Inheritance-Self-assessment form (Form 650) Form 650. Inheritance self-assessment (draft). (for deceased up to 24/01/2018).     Form 650. Instructions for completion. (for deceased up to 24/01/2018).    Form 650. Inheritance self-assessment (draft). (for deceased as of 25/01/2018).    Form 650. Instructions for completion. (for deceased as of 25/01/2018).    Form 650. Access to online preparation. (for deceased as of 25/01/2018).

Junta de andalucia previous appointment

By means of this procedure you will be able to fulfill the obligation of declaring that you have received an inheritance or legacy, or that you have received amounts for life insurance in which the deceased person (insured) is the person who contracted the insurance (policyholder), and simultaneously carry out the necessary operations for the quantification of the tax debt through the presentation of the self-assessment of the Inheritance and Gift Tax.Article 67 Royal Decree 1629/1991, of November 8, which approves the Regulation of the Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Inheritance tax andalusia

Today we will explain how to fill in the form 651 used for the self-assessment of the intervivos acquisition of goods and rights by inheritance and donations or legal business for free. This must be filed within 30 working days from the date of accrual of the tax, together with the corresponding documentation.
The objective of this tutorial is to help you to complete the necessary data so that you can calculate the amount to be paid. When you have finished filling in the form, you can print it out and make the payment at the bank, and then file it at the corresponding offices.
The original and copy of the notarial, administrative, private or judicial document related to the act or contract that originated the tax must be presented at the Taxpayer’s Attention Services of the Tax Department or the Mortgage District Settlement Offices, together with the rest of the documentation.
In person.  By making the payment at the Tax Department or at any office of the authorized collaborating entities. The required documentation must be presented in the offices of the Tax Authorities. You can download Form 651 from the following link.